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The Path Toronto

 PATH is a network in downtown Toronto connecting various locations for shopping, services, and entertainment. Surprisingly, the name doesn't stand for anything; it simply indicates an underground pathway.

What does PATH stand for in Toronto?

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The PATH links over fifty buildings, including offices, parking garages, subway stations, and hotels. It also connects to attractions like the CN Tower and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Is the CN Tower connected to the PATH?

The PATH connects to places like the Hockey Hall of Fame, Roy Thomson Hall, the Air Canada Centre, and the CF Toronto Eaton Centre, offering plenty to explore.

What is there to do in the PATH in Toronto?

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The Path starts at the Atrium on Bay at Dundas Street and Bay Street, extending southward to Waterpark Place on Queens Quay. It's a network of walkways in the city.

Where does the path start in Toronto?

The PATH itself is always open, but shops and services follow regular hours and are usually closed on weekends. For instance, on weekday evenings, you can stroll from The Eaton Centre to Union Station, though few shops will be open.

What time does the PATH close in Toronto?

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