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Union Station Toronto: A Historic Transit Hub

Union Station is Canada's busiest, multi-modal passenger transportation hub, a designated national historic site and a significant part of Toronto's history and identity. More than a quarter-million people use Union Station daily.

What is Union Station Toronto?


Both the City of Toronto and GO Transit have been sharing ownership of Union Station since 2000. The City of Toronto owns the bulk of the station building, while the train shed, platforms, tracks, and newly renovated York Concourse are owned by GO Transit.

Who owns Union Station in Toronto?

Toronto's Union Station, owned by the city of Toronto, is VIA Rail's busiest station, welcoming more than two million visitors per year. Canada's largest and most opulent station is a major hub for intercity travel.

What is the largest train station in Canada?


It was built by Canadian Pacific Railway and Grand Trunk Railway at a time when a railway station was viewed as the gateway to a city, Union Station was the largest and most opulent train station erected in Canada during the last great phase in railway station construction.

Who built Union Station in Toronto?

Yes, there are storage lockers and many other luggage drop off points in the Toronto Union Station area.

Does Union Station in Toronto have lockers?

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