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If you've ever wanted a map that shows you all the greatest free places to take pictures in Toronto, you're in luck! In addition, I provide descriptions for each spot along with pictures in this article. Enjoy reading and have a blast capturing photos at each location!

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This map contains all the exact locations of the top photo spots in Toronto.

The article below has all the photos and details about each location of the best Toronto area shoot spots

Toronto’s Top Free Photo Shoot Spots

Eaton Center.jpg

Experience a memorable photoshoot at Toronto's Eaton Centre, a vibrant shopping destination offering countless opportunities for stunning images. From elegant storefronts to the lively food court, the Eaton Centre provides diverse backdrops for your photography session. With its convenient location on Yonge Street and stores like Zara and Hudson's Bay, it's the perfect spot for fashion-forward shoots. Capture the dynamic atmosphere and intricate details of this iconic mall for unforgettable photos.

Kensington Market


Another favourite spot to take pictures, Kensington Market. I
really love how there is so much colour and art throughout
the neighborhood and the different types of architectural
buildings. There a variety of stores on Kensington Market
from restaurant, clothing, and other stores with who knows
what they have, you can basically find anything on
Kensington Market so during your photoshoot feel free to

Center Island


Visiting Centre Island for a photoshoot is simple. Just take
the ferry from Toronto's Harbourfront. The ride is short and
offers lovely views. Once you arrive, you'll find it's worth it.
Centre Island is serene and beautiful, perfect for capturing
great photos. You can explore on foot and enjoy the peaceful
atmosphere. Cars aren't allowed, but that adds to the charm.
Whether you're walking along the boardwalk or relaxing in a
green space, Centre Island is a favorite spot for locals and
tourists. So, grab your camera and head to the ferry terminal
for a memorable photography experience.

Cherry beach and Sugar beach


Having a photoshoot at Cherry Beach in Toronto is a
delightful experience. Known for its serene atmosphere and
picturesque views of Lake Ontario, it's a popular spot for
photographers. While swimming may not be recommended
due to water quality concerns, the beach is still a beautiful
place to relax and capture stunning images. Dogs are
welcome, making it a favorite destination for pet owners.
Cherry Beach has a rich history as a former industrial site
transformed into a recreational area. Located in Toronto, it
provides a tranquil escape from the city's hustle and bustle.
While Sugar Beach is another popular spot in Toronto, Cherry
Beach stands out for its natural beauty and peaceful

CN tower


Having a photoshoot at the CN Tower in Toronto is an
unforgettable experience. This iconic landmark, known as the
CN Tower or seeing tower, offers stunning backdrops and
breathtaking views of the cityscape, making it the perfect
setting for capturing memorable photos. While you can't see
Niagara Falls from the CN Tower, its observation decks
provide exhilarating perspectives of Toronto's skyline,
creating unique photo opportunities. As the tallest building in
Canada, it serves as a symbol of Canadian pride and offers a
one-of-a-kind backdrop for your photoshoot. Whether you're
capturing the city lights at dusk or posing against the
panoramic views during the day, the CN Tower provides
endless possibilities for stunning photographs, don't forget to

try the menu at the restaurant.

Metro convention center


Having a photoshoot at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
(MTCC) provides a versatile backdrop for capturing
memorable images. Located in downtown Toronto, near
Union Station, it's easily accessible by public transit. The
MTCC offers parking, although rates may vary. Renting space
at the Toronto Convention Centre can vary in cost depending
on the event and space requirements. With over 600,000
square feet of space, the MTCC offers ample opportunities
for creativity. Whether you're shooting in one of its
conference rooms or capturing the energy of a convention
floor, the MTCC provides endless possibilities for striking
photographs. Plus, amenities like WiFi and coat check
services ensure a seamless experience. And for travelers, the
MTCC is conveniently located near Toronto's major airports,
facilitating easy access for all.

St Lawrence market


St. Lawrence Market would be pleasing to look at, at night as
kind of a night market. especially with all the lights. I think it
would definitely go great with a shopping themed
photoshoot, during the photoshoot you can explore the
market and try new foods

High park

Karyn (4).jpg

High Park, nestled in the heart of Toronto, offers a
picturesque setting for a memorable photoshoot experience.
Renowned for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes, this
urban park is accessible to photographers of all levels since
it's free to enter. Although currently closed to cars(Happened during covid-19), this closure enhances the park's peaceful atmosphere, providing
uninterrupted opportunities for capturing stunning images.
Whether you're wandering along winding trails, admiring lush
green spaces, or capturing the charm of the High Park Zoo,
there's no shortage of photo-worthy spots to explore. High
Park's size and beauty have earned it comparisons to Central
Park, making it a beloved destination for nature enthusiasts
and photographers alike. High Park provides an unforgettable
backdrop for creating cherished memories through
photography. During March and April the cherry blossoms bloom,

making it a unique spot for a photoshoot.

Humber bay arch bridge


I take walks along this bridge a lot; it offers a stunning view of the lake shore. It's perfect for capturing late-night photos or taking wedding shots during the daytime.

Riverdale park


Riverdale Park East, located in Toronto, is a grassy park with
lots of empty space, making it an ideal spot for a photoshoot
or picnic. It's the perfect place for capturing stunning images
while watching the sun go down over the city skyline during
the summer.

Casa Loma


Did you know Toronto has a little castle? Well, it does.
It’s pretty awesome and apparently haunted too. While you
can't go inside for free, you can shoot around it with the

Toronto Castle as the backdrop to some of your awesome
photoshoots. This may make some good photos for a fun
Halloween photoshoot too.

Bluffer’s Park Beach & Lookout


A wonderful hidden gem, the Bluffs in Scarborough are one
of Toronto's top free photoshoot spots because it literally looks
like you’re in the tropics! This explains why any Toronto
photographer worth their weight shoots at the beach located
in the bay area of the lookout. If you’ve ever been to El
Matador Beach in Malibu, you know that you can expect to
see at least 3-4 photographers capturing photos there at
sunset. Well, at the Bluffs you can sometimes see the same
amount. It’s a really popular spot, and rightfully so, have you
not seen how beautiful it is?

Queens park


Also known as the legislative building, where protests usually take place, but when there isn’t one happening, the place is actually quite beautiful for a photoshoot in Toronto. With its lovely little garden of flowers, old-timey designed street lamps, and academic-looking building, it is especially beautiful looking in the winter time.

Knox College


The School of Theology is indeed a hub of intellectual
exploration, where the nature of belief is dissected through
various analytical lenses such as philosophy and historical
events. Even for non-students, the rich tapestry of history
pervades the atmosphere, offering a palpable sense of
heritage. This institution provides an ideal backdrop for a
photoshoot, offering a deep well of historical context to
enrich your imagery. Perfect for Wedding Photographers.


Sherry (7).jpg

In Toronto’s most Fancy and expensive area, you can expect to find lots of photographic opportunities with narrow little
alleyways, bougie stores, and fancy restaurants, plus a ton of
nice cars parked all alongside the street. Think of it like the little Dubai of Toronto, Bugattis and Lamborghinis.

Riverdale farm


Riverdale Farm in Toronto holds a rich history, dating back to
the late 19th century when it was established to showcase
rural life in the city. Today, it remains a beloved attraction,
offering a glimpse into Toronto's agricultural past. The farm
is a positive addition to the Riverdale community, providing
educational programs and opportunities for visitors to learn
about farm animals and sustainable agriculture. As for
ownership, Riverdale Farm is owned and operated by the City
of Toronto. It's also a fantastic spot for a photoshoot in
Toronto, offering charming backdrops and rustic scenery

Toronto Music Garden


Tucked away in Toronto's heart, the Music Garden is a
wonderland, with walking paths, flowers, and a stage for picnics. The best part, it's gorgeous in the evening time perfect for photoshoots or popping the
question. One of the most iconic places within Toronto.

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